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Smart Family Dentistry

5 out of 5 stars based on 35 reviews.

Patient Review by Maggie H

I just have to say: this is the best dental office I have been to in Abilene. From the dentist and hygienist, to the dental assistants and receptionist everyone at this practice is incredibly sweet and helpful. After leaving another dental office that left me with not so great dental results, Dr. Smart has been doing everything to get my smile to a healthier place. The ladies here do their work efficiently, are easy to schedule with, and the prices for services are very reasonable. If you’re looking for a new dentist Dr. Smart is your girl, you won’t leave disappointed. Highly recommend.

- Maggie H

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Patient Review by Lisa M

Dr. Smart and her staff were amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Great dentist.

- Lisa M

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Patient Review by Rob D

Dr. Smart is amazing at what she does! If you need Dentures or any dental care she is the one! Thank you for your amazing service The staff are friendly,Funny and make you feel at home.

- Rob D

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Patient Review by Cynthia R

Dr. Smart and her Staff are AWESOME, Professionals who goes above and beyond to take care of their patients!! Thank you

- Cynthia R

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Patient Review by Matt O

Dr Lyndi Smart and her staff were very welcoming. They went above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Dr Smart and her staff.

- Matt O

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Patient Review by George L

Very good staff. Got me right in didn’t have to wait. Explained everything to me. Made me feel like family. definitely will be going back. Thank you all very much.

- George L

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Patient Review by Whitney H

Great dentist so attention to detail and her staff is so well educated and accommodating

- Whitney H

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Patient Review by Donna B

I have had regular visits with Smart Family for quite a few years. But today was special since I dont need any additional work. Dr Smart has placed quite a few crowns for replacements that were aged and a few new ones. The visit before today, one of the crowns was not satisfactory, so she replaced it with a new one at no charge. I am so blessed to have found Smart Family dentistry. Today proves what a great dentist she is, by the fact that I need no additional work after today's cleaning. Thanks to Lori for the cleaning, my teeth feel absolutely fabulous. Everyone is so friendly. I tell all my family and friends to visit you. : )

- Donna B

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Patient Review by grady m

my denture cracked in half which basically means i can't eat except soup. i called on thursday and they got me in on monday. they fixed my denture and i had it back by wednesday. look how many dentists do you know while they are messing around in your mouth are singing country and western music at the same time. to me this showed a great deal of confidence in what she was doing and at the same time made me feel real comfortable. my wife has been going to the same dentist and she is going to change to dr. smart as well as my mother in law. much praise to this doctor and her staff. grady m

- grady m

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Patient Review by Cheryl K

Thank you to the entire office staff . I really enjoyed my visit.

- Cheryl K

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Patient Review by Melissa M

I had had a crown on a molar since I was in the 6th grade, let's just say I am now a grandmother to 7 little children so I am older. Anyway, the crown had a whole in it and needed to be replaced and soon. Not only was the staff able to schedule me in two days from that first appointment, Dr. Smart made it possible to get my permanent crown in at that same appointment! They had to put up with me hanging around for a little over 3 hours for this to happen, but it is a great place with great people to have to hang around while waiting on my new crown. I traded in my 'princess' crown from childhood for my new, custom-made crown fit for a queen! Thank you Dr. Smart and your staff, you all are amazing!

- Melissa M

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Patient Review by Donna B

Dr Smart was fixing an older crown that showed signs of decay, that was placed by another dentist. While looking at the xrays during the preparation for that crown, she noticed the margin on an existing crown right next it, wasn't quite right. Since she hadn't discussed the fees about that one, with me, she didnt charge for that one. Her work is impeccable, and many times crowns are prepped and delivered the same visit. Thanks Dr Smart, I really appreciate your skills. And thanks for being part of my insurance network. : )

- Donna B

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Patient Review by Ralph H

I have been aversed to dental work for years. Dr. Smart, immediately allayed my fears. Her charisma is surpassed only by her professionalism. She is thoroughly meticulous in her presentation of every procedure, and equally personable in each application. I walked away with new dentures and a sparkling smile. I could sing the praises of Dr. Smart forever. Suffice it to say, Dr. Smart and her staff, particularly Meridth and Marissa, are the BEST, bar none!

- Ralph H

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Patient Review by Justin H

I was very nervous after not seeing a dentist for many years but they made me feel at ease and put my fears to rest.

- Justin H

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Patient Review by Gary B

Had old bad crown removed, tooth prepared for new crown, new crown designed and made and installed, All was completed during one appointment approximately two hours ! Great day at the dentist office

- Gary B

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Patient Review by Samantha L

The entire experience was smooth, quick, and pleasant! I've had anxiety in the past with other offices but none here!! Thank you so much to Kelby and Dr. Smart for a fun, educational, and spunky appointment! You will be seeing me soon--with now, a much brighter smile! Thanks!!!

- Samantha L

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Patient Review by Isaac T

Dr Smart knows her dentistry very well and takes her time explaining the procedures and situations instead of trying to shove you out the door asap.

- Isaac T

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Patient Review by Barbara C

Very professional. Very pleased with service.

- Barbara C

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Patient Review by Steve F

The staff and Dr Smart always do a very professional job with a very friendly attitude. They make sure I am comfortable and at easy while they work on my teeth. Would recommend them to anyone who like me is very apprehensive about going to the dentist.

- Steve F

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Patient Review by Nelda T

Had a great experience here. Everyone was so friendly and it was a fun time!

- Nelda T

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