Meet the Dental Office Team

Smart Family Dentistry

I am so blessed to be surrounded by the best team of women in Texas.  They are all hard-working, intelligent, loyal, and truly dedicated to the finest patient care to be found.  This team is hand-picked.  We are working toward a common goal of caring for our patients just as we would care for our own families.

Lori Carson, RDH

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Lori Carson RDH.  Lori is a registered dental hygienist.  She graduated from Howard College in Big Spring, TX in 2006.  She has been a part of our team since 2006.  She enjoys providing quality care with a personal touch.  Lori is passionate about thorough patient education and preventive care.  She and Cody have two boys.  McCall and Cash keep Lori busy running from baseball games to goat shows.  Lori loves her boys and Is a fantastic mom!!!
Smart Family Dentistry staff member Lori with her family
Lori Carson - Registered Dental Assistant at Smart Family Dentistry

Meredith Brannon, RDA

I am pleased to introduce Meredith Brannon RDA.  Mere is a registered dental assistant.  She has been part of our team since 2010.  She loves our patients!! Meredith goes the extra mile to make everyone feel welcome and cared for.  She will remember the little details that are oh so important!  She and Chris have been married since 2011 and have one daughter.  Harper is the light of their life — full of joy and sass!!  In her free time away from our office she teaches ballet, has an eye for all things that sparkle, and is an excellent mom!!

Smart Family Dentistry staff member Meredith with her family
Meredith Brannon - Registered Dental Assistant at Smart Family Dentistry

Marisa Abila, Insurance Coordinator

It is my honor to introduce Marisa Abila RDA.  Marisa is a registered dental assistant who coordinates treatment plans, finances, and insurance in our front office.  Marisa is very detail-oriented and loves our patients.  Marisa joined our team in 2011.  She and her husband Roman have 2 little boys Avram and Adan.  Life outside our office is hectic but with Marisa’s calm nature she can take it all in stride.  Marisa is a great mom!!
Smart Family Dentistry staff member Marisa with her family
Marisa Abila - Insurance Coordinator at Smart Family Dentistry

Sabrina Garcia, Scheduling Coordinator

Please meet Sabrina Garcia.  Sabrina is our scheduling coordinator.  She joined our team in 2015.  She is great at reserving time with us that will accommodate your schedule.  Family is really important to Sabrina.  When she has free time she enjoys reading, traveling with her boyfriend Eric Willis, and loving on her precious boxer Reptar. 
Smart Family Dentistry staff member Sabrina with her dog
Sabrina Garcia - Scheduling Coordinator at Smart Family Dentistry

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